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Welcome -- to Niagara's premier internet consulting company
Last year Canadians Were found to be among the heaviest users of digital media in the world !
We can help grow your business by managing it online, and making sure it inspires customer confidence in the digital world
The sky's the limit & we offer a one-stop solution: internet marketing, social media, web & graphic design, photography, & more!

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Website Design for Hamilton and Niagara Regions

Welcome to Roland Henry Consulting, a premier online marketing company near the Niagara and Hamilton areas which offers a variety of digital media services. We’re here to offer a one-stop solution for your business. Technology changes rapidly and it’s hard for businesses to stay on trend with today’s demanding (and evolving) online world. Do terms like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEM, PPC, Adwords, Analytics, & SEF, make your head spin? If so, then you’ve come to the right place…

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SEO Services for Hamilton and Niagara Regions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns are a must for today’s businesses who wish to be found in cyberspace.  Each year more and more users turn to their smartphones or computers to search for a product or service.  At RHC we can help your business rise to the top of search results in Hamilton and Niagara regions. 

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SEO services and marketing for Hamilton and Niagara areas.

Online Marketing

Quick facts: Canadians & the Internet

Website design in the Hamilton area.

  • Canada continues to be a leader in online engagement, with users spending 35 hours per month online on their desktop computers.
  • As of 2014, Canada is ranked #3 in the world for desktop internet usage
  • Canadians are the heaviest online searchers at 140 queries per month
  • E-commerce (online shopping) is estimated to be 6-7% of all retail sales

  • E-commerce (online shopping) is projected to grow to 10% of all retail sales by 2016
  • Smartphone adoption soared to 75 percent among Canadian mobile users, with Android currently leading in platform market share at 44 percent.
  • 3 out of 4 Canadians own smartphones, well above the rates in U.S. and other developed markets – this is leading to a large increase in social media participation like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Statistics provided by ComScore Inc. and the CBC

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